My story reached the papers and radio in my birth place of Cork in Ireland ands I was invited to meet up with the Lord Mayor of Cork Ireland. After a bumping landing at Cork airport I headed off to the office of the Lord Mayor.

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County Cork Ireland

As some of you are aware I was originally born in Ireland in the County of Cork and I was able to go and meet up with the deputy Mayor of County Cork.

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Fame Lab

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I went to the Junction to watch the event for Fame Lab where students had 3 mins to talk to the audience about different science topics.

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Candle Ceremony

I invited Ridgefield School to my parlour today for this single commemorative act which offers us a unique opportunity to join with the national civic family in an event which every Civic Head in the United Kingdom has been invited to take part in concurrently.

We lit 4 candles and by extinguishing the candles, we are symbolically representing the feeling of darkness that came over Europe 100 years ago. Each year we will light another candle until there is four candles alight. In 2018, after the annual candle is extinguished and a brief period of darkness, the parlour will be lit by the lighting of all four candles-this symbolic gesture will represent how light won through the darkness.

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Raise the Commonwealth Flag

When we raised the flag on top of the Guild Hall I had to read a message from Her Majesty The Queen.

“I am pleased to learn that so many people throughout the Commonwealth will be taking part in the “Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth” initiative on Commonwealth Day this year, which I understand will see the raising of a record number of Commonwealth flags. I send my good wishes to all who are taking part. Elizabeth R”

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It was off to the Cambridge Junction to close the Women of the World weekend and explain to people what this event has meant to the City from the council’s point of view.040 041

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Cambridge Half Marathon

It was brilliant to see how many people had come out to support this event. There was 4500 competitors and the streets were lined with spectators. The crowds were brilliant and so was the atmosphere. My greatest thanks go out to all the volunteers who help make this event such a great success.

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